Color Blindness Type

Lens Type

Mild/moderate deutan (red-green color blindness) A, C
Strong/severe deutan (red-green color blindness) B
Mild/moderate protan (red-green color blindness) A
Strong/severe protan (red-green color blindness) B, D
Mild/moderate/strong tritanopia (blue-yellow color blindness) E

Unsure which model to choose?

Pilestone glasses are designed to fix the very common 'red-green' color blindness which can affect a broad spectrum of colors, including reds, greens, browns, blues, purples, oranges, pinks and yellows.

Choose Pilestone's lens type (A) which is for mild/moderate color blindness which will work best for the vast majority of people who suffer from color blindness. Or choose Pilestone's lens type (B) that will effectively give that extra 'boost' of color for more strong/severe cases of color blindness.

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Lens Type: C (indoor lens)

This model works best for indoors or in any lower lighting conditions. Suitable for mild/moderate deutan and protan.

Lens Type: D

This lens is specifically designed for the more less common subtype of red-green color blindness that is protanomaly/protanopia which tends to affects reds more than greens. Suitable for strong/severe protan color blindness.

Lens Type: E

This lens is suitable for Tritanomaly or Tritanopia that affects blues and yellows.